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How to Install a Door Trim

When you know how to install a door trim, renewing and refurbishing a room is a quick, easy and relatively economical project. Door trims come in a wide range of styles and widths, so you can easily add a personal touch to your home and adorn the place by installing a door trim. This article is about the installation of door trim. Installing door trim is a fun and rather simple do-it-yourself project, as long as you have the required tools and materials.

Before you start with the actual installation of the door trim, you should measure the perimeter of the door. When purchasing door trim, you should pay special attention to the following aspect: you should buy two long door trims for the side jambs and a shorter one for the head door.

In addition to this, we advise you to purchase pre-painted door trim, as it will provide a professional edge to your door. It is not impossible to paint door casing by yourself, but it is quite difficult to achieve the same finish as a pre-painted door trim. Furthermore, when purchasing door trim, you should make sure the door trim is broad enough to hide the space between the jamb and the wood studs.

In order to fix the door trim in place, you may have to make use of finishing nails, as they are almost inconspicuous to the naked eye and they can also be caulked with no difficulty. Consequently, when purchasing the nails from your local home improvement or DIY store, ensure that you buy the ones that are very thin and have small heads.

If there are baseboards installed around the door jam, you must take them off for the time being with the intention to install the door trim from the floor up to the door head. After the door trim has been installed, you can fix the baseboards back into place.

Once the casing has been installed, you may find certain abnormalities in your door jamb or that the walls are preventing the door trim from being positioned tightly against the surface. You can resolve this by applying a think bead of latex caulk to fill in the gaps or irregularities. Insert your finger in warm soapy water and spread it over the caulk in order to smooth and even it out. Once the caulk has dried completely, you may continue to paint or finish your door trim.

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